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Investing firms - to trust or not to trust?

  • 16 October at 03:39 - by andrew53 - 3195 views


My friend has just started with an investment firm.  Bascially you give them what you want, and let them invest for you, and you can add more monthly if you want.  You can get your cash out at any time and they make a plan for you based on your needs. I am not sure if this is a good idea or not, or is it just lazy investing where they take all your money.

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16 October at 21:15 - by wannabe54


17 October at 00:49 - by investaddict

don't be so quick to judge.  I think you should look into these before just judging.

18 October at 11:10 - by Kim_EW

I have used an investment company for a long time.  They are excellent but you have to be prepared to lose as well as gain.

20 October at 07:06 - by Kungfumassive

Me - this is what I was wondering.  They are quite diversified. Cash/Commodities/Bonds/Private Equity/Property/Shares

20 October at 09:28 - by  andrew53

excellent idea especially if you haven't invested before?

20 October at 20:01 - by brandon6210

this is what I told my friend.  Then of course you can always stop if it isn't working for you but you can at least start to learn.

21 October at 03:18 - by  andrew53


21 October at 11:00 - by brandon6210
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