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High Return Investment Funds

  • 30 October at 11:45 - by RoBlake - 4045 views


Asking for my mum is investment funds the way forward?

6 Answers

Be careful because these are not risk free

30 October at 17:14 - by hui_c

You must know what you’re getting into regards this because you can lose out big time if you’re not experienced

31 October at 09:08 - by chris999

I would rrecomend the likes of Artemis as they are really experienced and they are going up at the mo.  It depends on your knowledge of equities and bonds

01 November at 14:02 - by arthur.3

I don’t agree withany of this at all!  If your mother wants to get into funds and hedge funds then good on her!  Why not! And I tell you what, do a load of research then get a professional to help you to start off and good luck, as long as you do your research and make sure you know everything you are getting into then you’ll be fine.  People scaremonger when they don’t understand things.

01 November at 14:50 - by ready123

I was giving responsible advice.

02 November at 00:45 - by chris999

Thank you and do you know what, were going to give it a go will let everyone know how wwe get on

03 November at 20:34 - by  RoBlake
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