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Rare Coins

  • 27 October at 14:55 - by investbeginner - 5044 views


I have been researching alternative investments, and I have seen rare coins come up again and again.  I would like to know if anyone has any previous experience with them and if so, what are the things to look out for?

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It has been a thing for a long time hun.  Not new

27 October at 15:28 - by chris999

I know its not new but i wanted advise that was why i was posting on here

27 October at 17:00 - by  investbeginner

I get that just trying to help

28 October at 11:16 - by chris999

Can I have some advise?

28 October at 15:48 - by  investbeginner

Trying to actually give some lol yes they are a great investment because they don’t fluctuate like other markets and being British, we have a very long line and rich heritage when it comes to rare coins

28 October at 17:33 - by TA_Matilde

Being British????  I beg to differ!! I think it was the Romans that had the first coins and they were not British!!

29 October at 05:03 - by MrQuestions

I actually just Googled that and they were first used as currency around 5th or 6th century BC so not the Romans...anyway an waiting for advise

29 October at 16:10 - by  investbeginner

Moving on, yes they are a solid investment, they don’t depreciate and you have something tangible.  Make sure you find a solid and reputable firm, and I would advise visiting them personally. There are lots of good ones in London. Coutts measures coins as desirable so I would advise you go for it, as more and more markets are getting flooded with too much interest, coins are established and reliable.

30 October at 04:38 - by TA_Matilde

Thanks very much

31 October at 14:54 - by  investbeginner
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