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  • 20 June at 21:11 - by anthony51986 - 3377 views


I need good reasons to take the risk…please give me your advice! What about Dash?? It sounds really good so far…is it stable? Or is it a scam like bitcoin?

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Dash, was first introduced in 2014 as an open source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency. Its original goal was to address the many different problems regarding Bitcoin at that time. It has exceeded a lot of trader’s expectations. Today, it is valued at USD446.35 and has been one of the most stable cryptocurrencies since its creation. I think it is a good investment and has a lot of future, I say Dash is pure evolution!

21 June at 10:37 - by reid-corey

I am sorry but I disagree with almost everything you wrote, I think the trading market has been evolving in certain way the all these assets are practically impossible to understand! Please take me back to the bond and stock era were we all knew what we were doing!!

21 June at 15:22 - by mshaDa

Oh come on dude!  It's fine not to be enthusiastic about evolution per se. but pushing people away because they disagree with specific ideas is a road we have seen other coins take, with less than desirable results.

On the other hand, if evolution turns out to be less fantastic than expected we are in for a rough time unless there are plenty of old fashioned already around.

21 June at 19:00 - by reid-corey

As for investors looking for something new, Dash is the one! Making it a favorite for all types of investors around the world.  Also, the trajectory of the coin has been quite impressive this year. After a major decline, all the coins are moving up, and this applies to Dash as well. This cryptocurrency has been called “the coin of the future”, and it’s not hard to guess why, go for it!!

23 June at 09:55 - by alanwesten

Dash is unlike most others. It’s neither a development platform nor it is like first cryptocurrencies with their huge transactions fees, long transaction waiting times, and volatility Dash is oriented on a completely different level. Dash is much more faster than Bitcoin.

24 June at 22:14 - by Kian.parker

it all seems so new to me…I’ll keep reading about it, I am very confident about this cryptocurrency. have a great trade :)

24 June at 22:57 - by  anthony51986

I want to know more about this DASH can anyone tell me if it is still a thing?  Cryptocurrency seems to have gone quiet

26 June at 08:42 - by Mark_elliott

From what I can make out it is still going strong it has less bad press around it certainly recently

27 June at 05:36 - by alanwesten

I like the idea of investing in it because you can just dip in and out

30 June at 14:15 - by Mark_elliott

Hi! I like that we're talking about this again because that is exactly what I do

01 July at 19:30 - by reid-corey

really?  Hwo do you find it?

02 July at 07:29 - by Mark_elliott

obviously if your just going to dip in and out it is never going to make you a fortune but it depends how much you have to lose and really if you are just a smalltime investor like me then it is really convenient I wish you luck yes

02 July at 11:12 - by reid-corey

wow thanks dude good to talk

02 July at 13:45 - by Mark_elliott

no worries 

04 July at 16:43 - by reid-corey
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