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  • 14 April at 10:22 - by alanwesten - 2983 views


Is it a good idea to invest in Bitcoins?

6 Answers

It depends on your capacity for investing… go ahead if you are playsafe & passive if you are adventurous, then try gambling & trading.

14 April at 12:06 - by KRucker

Definitely, if you have the funds, you should invest in it, bitcoin has demonstrated it can give you a good profit from investing it. Perfect time to start investing.

14 April at 15:49 - by dave-thompson-58

If you are aware of the risk and you want to take it, so that you can earn profit, then yes. This coin can change the world currency system, but market is not stable, so there is always a risk, it’s your decision whether you invest in bitcoin or not.

14 April at 16:24 - by KRucker

I agree that bitcoin will bring you a huge profits but once it’s done, don’t invest anymore, forget it and go ahead with your life as normal, let it go for a while so it won’t affect any issue which affecting the value of this coin.

15 April at 01:19 - by timwalker3

There is no right time to invest, you are the one who decide to invest, if you want to do so, do it now because you can get great profits for sure.

15 April at 12:37 - by SamUK1

Some people are scared of bitcoins because they can’t get it off the exchange, is ok is a justified fear, it exists some problems with the transfer of bitcoins into another currencies…however is not a big issue.

15 April at 21:33 - by margaretf54
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