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  • 08 July at 15:07 - by hans.shroeder - 4321 views


Which do you prefer Bitcoin or Ethereum and why?

I feel that Ethereum's technology is superior to Bitcoin.

8 Answers

Bitcoin is superior to ethereum. Bitcoin is stable and decentralised. Ethereum is more advanced, but that comes with several disadvantages. Ethereum is not even close to be as secure as bitcoin, and it is much more centralised. Bitcoin is what the world needs, a decentralized uncensored asset and a protocol to build applications on top.

09 July at 08:45 - by KRucker

I prefer ethereum for the following reasons: lower fees, rapid transaction times, ERC20 tokens, wich allows me to have many different tokens and 1 ETH address, very easy to manage a big portofolio with 1 address. Bitcoin is a store of value, it is not good to use right now

10 July at 01:18 - by John.Brown2912

Bitcoin is hardcore whereas Ethereum is a Honda NSX. Superb, but it is still a Honda. Bitcoin is like the GOD of cryptos. It's the base of the cryptoworld. It is the first love of most of the crypto investors out there.

You can never forget the first love, even if you find new ones.

10 July at 06:26 - by KRucker

OMG, so romantic!…but I honestly believe ETH will overtake Bitcoins at some point in time... I put only a small amount of my investment every month into bitcoins while a bigger percentage will go into Litecoin and Ethereum for longterm holding

10 July at 18:03 - by John.Brown2912

Yes , i am a romantic onion. can cry if you want

10 July at 19:22 - by KRucker

I prefer Ethereum because it is more versatile and flexible than Bitcoin, but to Grandpa Bitcoin we will always owe it great respect, because it is the one who carries the money in its pockets.

12 July at 05:30 - by timwalker3

Ethereum may be a trading opportunity but I don't see it as smart money.

14 July at 12:58 - by Mark_elliott

Well, I am invested in both BTH and ETH, so would love to see both go to the moon

15 July at 14:37 - by  hans.shroeder
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