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Best cryptocurrency to invest in for 2018

  • 07 May at 10:03 - by elizabethinvesting - 3810 views


I am a newbie in the investing world and I would like to know which are the best cryptocurrencies to invest in (besides bitcoins).


Elisabeth Investing

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I do believe Ethereum will be doing well in this year. Ripple XRP had already proved its potential surpassing even Ethereum, and Litecoin is also a good option. But of all these virtual coins, I guess XRP is the best. It has the potential to give some good return on investment. Good luck.

10 May at 14:18 - by dave-thompson-58

Investing in Ethereum is more profitable than bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, and probably even bitcoin will also come to an end near to 2040. I’m a day trader and I trade using Ethereum everyday, which helps me make good profits.

16 May at 19:41 - by timwalker3

In my opinion: IOTA, ETH, Ripple, FUN, Stellar, Litecoin, OmiseGo, EOS, and Cardano. But first of all you should do your own research. Ask yourself: Why is this coin on the market? How is it different from the other coins? What does it promise? and so on so forth.

Don’t pick any crypto just because other people say so. Be critical and look at each coin from different perspectives.

28 May at 14:07 - by Kian.parker

I would recommend that you go for one of the 3 that be be exchanged via Coinbase. It gives you some extra security. Ethereum is one of these and at the moment it has the best return rate!

31 May at 21:27 - by timwalker3

It is indeed a very complex matter. When you start you only hear about Bitcoin and then you discover there are so many! I have decided to go for one of the most known. I feel more secure doing so. I still have to decide which one yet but it still reduces the possibilities.

04 June at 00:57 - by  elizabethinvesting

I am curious to know which one you will choose and why. Let me know

06 June at 05:39 - by timwalker3

Will do :)

07 June at 16:01 - by  elizabethinvesting
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