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Tips to make a good investment in 2018

Making a good investment could be a tough task if we are not familiar with the market changes. Stocks, shares, funds... the possibilities are endless and can be really overwhelming. Therefore, being informed could be the difference between success and failure.

Welcome to a year of investment

This 2018 has become one of the best years to take part in the financial world and make those low-risk investments you have been thinking about with the firm objective of ensuring a better future. And why do we know it is the right time to do so? Basically, because stocks have been risen at such a rapid pace that a good investor knows exactly what must be done.

But what does an investor do? What is the smartest movement? If you are not a good investor or an expertise on investment, do not worry. Check out this article on investing and discover the essential tips to make a good investment in 2018.

Even if you are not up-to-date on a regular basis or you do not follow financial markets closely, if you have some money to invest, keep reading carefully. Who knows? You can finish the year much better than you started off. It’s the dawning of a new financial year, and everybody wants to have their piece of cake. Either way, you must invest wisely if you want to make those extra pounds count.

What to know before investing

In short, the stock market has generated a great sum of money to investors, and in the last 3 months it has roared ahead fiercely without apparent setback. And let us be honest, not only is the stock market performing faultlessly, other financial securities such as bonds, banks, funds and stocks are also performing spectacularly.

Therefore, the questions which arises a legitimate if somewhat provocative is the following: how sustainable are really such incomes?

The truth is that nobody can predict the future, and there is no magical formula to help us foresee what is yet to come. But facts speak volume and they are pointing in the direction of continued growth and success. And we too believe that it will be a great year to invest.

Nonetheless, to make sure you clearly understand how investing works, we are going to name the most promising sectors of the year. In this way, investing will no longer be an arduous task since, as is widely known, information is power.

Where to invest?

Since 2015, investors from all over the world have been receiving great sums of money from almost every single market they have invested in. However, it is always wise to analysis the next steps the markets are to take just to be ahead and prepared. Indeed, the key question is whether to invest in emerging markets or in developed markets.

For this reason, it is not surprising that the most important task for investors since the beginning of the year has been to figure out which financial sectors are most profitable in this 2018. Therefore, to help you have the so well-known investor’s eye for these current markets, we will hereby provide you with a global perspective of where to invest in this 2018:

  • Emerging markets. Emerging markets, led by China, have been performing in a delightful crescendo for a few years. In fact, their investors obtained large returns (up to 40%) last year, which makes us believe it is a good bet. As with all investment, it carries a significant risk but the payoff is bigger than the sacrifice. Besides, there is no reason to believe they will perform any different in the near future.
  • Developed markets. The returns in developed markets were the most consistent of them all, especially in Europe. However, rumour has it, investors should take far greater account of the five-year data, which doubtlessly shows a great performance from the United States. Either way, investments in developed markets will be much ensured.

Being a newbie in the investing world

You are at the beginning stages of investing and that can get quite stressing. That is why we want to make things easier for you with these articles. Read them as many times as you need and use our forum to ask questions linked to our topics.

However, we want to be transparent so, even though if these professional financial tips are guidelines to help you take those first steps in the investing world, you need to take accountability for your own investments.

Tips to make a smart investment

Once you know which sectors promise to be the most profitable ones, the next step you ought to take is to discover what you should do to make sure that all your time, effort and resources devoted to this issue do not go to waste.

There is near unanimity on the issue that, in this investing world, you either succeed or fail. That means that there is rarely a safe zone. However, who dares wins! Therefore, let us make a start because, just as in any other task, the sooner we get started, the better.

But what should you take into account when considering where to invest your money? That is probably the most important questions of this article and, to answer this, we would probably recommend that you read our article on ‘Best investments you can make for yourself Part 1’ and ‘Best investments you can make for yourself Part 2’.

In the meanwhile, since we do not want you to get lost in the middle of nowhere, we are going to offer a few tips we would like you to follow when deciding where to invest your money:

  • Investment means investigation. A good preparation is your most valuable friend. Do not hesitate to spend hours reading, learning and asking as many questions as you need to clarify your doubts.
  • When making a decision, everything matters. Not only should you focus on the past, but also on the future. And, precisely, a five-year data is always a good starting point.

  • Don’t follow the flock. Think wisely and base your decision on verified facts and not on wishes or desires.

  • Think big. If you really want to enjoy returns, you may need to be willing to invest some money.

  • Effort and knowledge. You will never win unless you take investing seriously and start learning the valuable possibilities it offers.

  • Follow strategies. The tools to make investments are at the disposal of anyone who wants to use them. There are no secrets or forbidden securities to make money so find them and take advantage of them!

  • Don’t be afraid. Life happens and investments could be tricky. The key is to read the signs to discover when it is the right time.

  • Seek financial advice to help you make the right decision. If you want to invest but you do not exactly know how to choose a good investment, find a company and let them do everything for you.  

  • Don’t give up. Setbacks are not a myth but experience will make you bolder.

  • Avoid the so-called paralysis by analysis. Search, investigate, take your time… but do not waste it! Sometimes the wide variety of options can paralyze you. Be smart and do not let it spoil your opportunity. You are an investor and this is your world.

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