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  • 08 October at 07:24 - by stephensweetDis - 3200 views


I am looking at investing in truffles.  The company I am looking at is a science and technology company.  You can invest from £33,000 and you invest in the trees which are husbanded and grown in a sort of hydroponic environment then start producing truffles anywhere from year 3 to year 12.  You sell after 15 years to avoid the French tax system and reap not only an ROI of 545% but also that the land the trees are planted on will have gone up in value. Are there any fellow investors on this forum?

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are you mad lol

09 October at 15:05 - by arthur.3

no actually thank you for asking.  I am a big fan of truffles personally and I think it's a genuinely interesting investment opportunity and certainly more lucrative than many schemes.

09 October at 15:49 - by  stephensweetDis

I have just looked this up, looks interesting as you say.  The fact that they are Perigord truffles from France makes it no problem to sell as they are the most demanded in the world and also the increasing demand from emerging markets of China, Middle East, Russia etc makes It sustainable

10 October at 08:18 - by barbaraw

its also really good for the environment

11 October at 09:57 - by AdamSte

yes I read that too it'll help increase truffle production but not in a lab

12 October at 14:26 - by barbaraw

I currently own trees in the Perigord.  We were lucky enough to have invested many years ago.  Hope not too many people do though as we have done very well so far

13 October at 06:41 - by brandon6210

that's good to hear I am also looking into it

13 October at 10:31 - by AdamSte

it's good to diversify but we believe that all our investments should be sustainable yes we do want to earn money from them but we want to give something back to the environment also

14 October at 04:11 - by brandon6210

This is JUST BRILLIANT has anyone done it??  I am dying to do this!!!!!

15 October at 08:05 - by Karl46

Yup.  A year in now.  Delighted with it and they are excelllent people to deal with.  I theroughly recommend.

17 October at 19:15 - by  stephensweetDis

I, like you from what I can gather, am a huge fan of truffles and the fact that someone else pointed out that they are Perigod truffles therefore authentic and the right market makes it even better plus the fact that this is sustainable investing makes it even more tempting.

21 October at 18:44 - by Karl46

I love this too and just the right level of investment I am looking at.  Am seriously thinking of this.  The sustainability aspect really sells it to me too.

24 October at 01:14 - by Michael.H

So glad this discussion has opened up again I cannot recommend it more honestly it is a fantastic investment and as sustainability becomes more and more of an important issue, I really think we have to look at this when we invest.

26 October at 22:38 - by brandon6210

quite right.  We have sustainable tourism etc we should have sustainable investment.

26 October at 22:54 - by taylor.milton
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