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  • 09 July at 04:42 - by PhilipS - 912 views


Hi there! What is a good option to invest money than keeping in a savings account?

7 Answers

Returns depend upon the amount of risk you are willing to take, as higher return investment has high risk of losing money too.

10 July at 07:51 - by TJSHall

Savings and investments are two different things. Saving account should only be used for receiving payments and making payments.

10 July at 17:04 - by karl_kristian

There are many ways to earn return more than saving deposits: Mutual fund debt plan, Equity plan, bank fixed deposit, etc.

11 July at 11:12 - by Tyler-Jones53

It depends on how soon you would want the money when required. If its short term, then best is to invest in any Short-Term Debt fund of a Mutual Fund scheme.

If for longer periods, say up to 1 year, best is to invest in any reputed Balanced Mutual fund scheme like HDFC Prudence fund for example.

13 July at 10:36 - by TJSHall

The investments give us better returns depending on their time horizon. So, planning for future and investing for future goals should always be done that passive deposits in savings bank accounts.

15 July at 19:12 - by karl_kristian

Assuming you have no debt to pay off, I’d invest it in the stock market and more specifically the entire market. You can buy US stock market by buying a mutual fund

15 July at 19:40 - by Kath-Middleton

Many thanks for all your advices!

16 July at 13:28 - by  PhilipS
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