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Is it better to save or invest?

  • 18 July at 00:05 - by nigelblue.1 - 978 views


We don’t have a lot of money to spare but have a little bit put aside and of course we would like this to be more. Some colleagues have suggested that we invest rather than continue to save but we are not sure so any advice would be welcome!

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There is a big difference between saving and investing. Saving is something that people usually do to put money aside for something specific like a deposit on a house, a holiday or for an emergency. This is normally done through a savings account or a building society. Investing on the other hand is something else …. Taking some of your money and trying to make more by buying into things that will make you money.

19 July at 07:04 - by JayDee

Yes we do understand the difference but are a bit nervous about what the outcome might be. We can see that sometimes investing can be a risky business and although we can stand to lose a bit we don’t want to risk all our savings. How can we be sure what is good and what is not?

20 July at 15:31 - by  nigelblue.1

There is never any guarantee with investing but then there are really no guarantees in life are there! My advice would be not to risk everything but take a part of your savings and use them to invest so that you are not left with nothing. Now all you need to do is decide how much and what you want to invest in.  You need to do your homework so take your time and good luck!

20 July at 16:00 - by c.mark

I don’t think it’s as simple as that .. you need to go into these things with your eyes open its always a good idea to think about getting advice from an independent financial adviser.

21 July at 20:15 - by TJSHall

Yes you are right and we have already thought of that and will be meeting with one soon and he is going to help us plan a savings goal. Thanks for your help.

23 July at 14:48 - by  nigelblue.1

I didn’t mean to say that it’s so easy but what I wanted to say was that you have to start somewhere if you are serious about investing but of course yes you need to get as much professional advice as you can before you take the leap.

24 July at 00:18 - by c.mark

Yes we will speak with a financial adviser to get the best help and advice. Thank you all very much all the advice has been very helpful to us.

26 July at 17:17 - by  nigelblue.1
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