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Investing your money Overseas

  • 18 November at 16:44 - by grahamh - 3641 views


I would like to know peoples’ thoughts on overseas investment and whether it’s too high risk.

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I think the smart money (pardon the pun) invests the biggest chunk “at home” because one understands that market the best, especially in terms of trends, property etc, then you want to have 20% roughly in North America, and the other perhaps 20% divided into emerging markets in Asia etc as they are performing well, but you can afford to ride the storms should they be volatile.

19 November at 00:33 - by Tyler-Jones53

That makes absolutely no sense.

19 November at 10:06 - by investreader

How so?

20 November at 15:46 - by Tyler-Jones53

“Ride the storms should they be volatile” excuse my innocence

20 November at 18:17 - by investreader

“Ride the storms should they be volatile” excuse my innocence

20 November at 18:17 - by investreader

Look it up.  Moving on, you should look at “home” being most of your eggs, then look at how the other markets are performing.  You will see that of course Brexit has had an initial effect, but that we have recovered well, and it really hasn’t affected trading as much as we thought….

21 November at 11:00 - by Tyler-Jones53

It’s always good to diversify.

22 November at 12:45 - by c.mark

I agree, and emerging markets are where it’s at!  And they’re not as scary as they sound. “Emerging” sounds high risk, but it really isn’t.  One of the best overseas investments has been in the Chinese internet giant, Alibaba...and us Brits have lost out on a lot of potentials early on such as Facebook and Apple, as we are always as a rule too cautious.

23 November at 15:29 - by christianbr

Oh wow I hadn’t thought of it like that, of course, Apple, FB etc are all American…

23 November at 18:04 - by  grahamh just takes a bit of practice.

24 November at 02:33 - by christianbr
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