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Investing in the Lottery

  • 16 November at 00:38 - by AdamSte - 3293 views


I know this sounds a bit strange, but I actually wanted to know if anyone has experience with Lottery Affiliate clicks?

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Do u know u cld do a lot worse than invest in the lottery!

16 November at 15:50 - by marlamad

They don’t mean the lottery they mean building a website with lottery related content and signing up for affiliate schemes then you make passive income each time someone visits the website and clicks through and signs up for a lottery affiliated scheme.

17 November at 12:11 - by neeta04money

That sounds ike a lot of work

18 November at 07:01 - by marlamad

You can outsource a lot of it

18 November at 22:45 - by neeta04money

Thank u.  Do you know anyone who does it?

19 November at 00:41 - by  AdamSte

Not personally but I have heard of it before, and it appeals to anyone with a bit of a philanthropic nature because under UK law, all social lotteries like the Postcode Lottery etc have to give 20% to charity.  So you would be helping others too which I like.

21 November at 08:14 - by neeta04money

So you build a website all around it?

21 November at 13:28 - by marlamad

You can do...rahter than just play the lottery!  Although I do take it back, people who have a direct debit and do different lotteries are not to be sniffed at!

22 November at 14:00 - by neeta04money

Would you recommend it?

22 November at 14:09 - by  AdamSte

I’m no financial advisor but I do believe, if you research it, that anything you can build with a pay per click or something along those lines is dynamite.  You have to work hard at the beginning but a passive income is the way forward as you take it with you whatever you do, and it stays with you into retirement so I would say you could do a lot worse.

23 November at 09:32 - by neeta04money
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