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Investing in property with £1000

  • 04 September at 08:40 - by TA_Matilde - 3162 views


So I have seen a scheme on the internet where you an invest in a property for £1000 with lots of other people and get paid like 8% a year form the rentral and get a share of the sale proceeds when everyone agrees to sell it does anyone know anything about this sort of scheme on here or is it a scam.  thanks.

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04 September at 12:12 - by garybar2n1968

I literally just Google this...not a good idea hun

05 September at 11:26 - by TJm0m0306

I think it's a great idea!  It allows people to venture a small amount of money that they can in fact afford to lose, get a decent return (presumably you can invest more) as the business model is sound.  The company obviously rents the property out and all the investors get an annual return, then once the property has had a proper chance to increase in value, it is then sold, and each investor gets a percentage return.  Sounds good to me.

05 September at 17:54 - by karen916


07 September at 07:56 - by garybar2n1968

No I am just an interested party.

07 September at 16:25 - by karen916

I'm not sure cos it looks quite a good idea

07 September at 21:00 - by  TA_Matilde

If it worked I think we'd have all heard of it before!

08 September at 05:36 - by TJm0m0306


08 September at 17:27 - by garybar2n1968

Not telling you what to do or anything, but I would definitely be careful

09 September at 14:27 - by TJm0m0306

I am quite sure that anyone investing any amount of money would do their research beforehand, although I can't see anything wrong with this idea.

10 September at 00:18 - by karen916

thanks everyone, ill do some more research I think

10 September at 00:34 - by  TA_Matilde

I had completely forgotten about this conversation and I am intregued to know:  please tell us TA_Matilde, did you invest?

22 October at 02:02 - by TJm0m0306

Haha Hi TJm!  No I didn't in the end I erred on the side of caution and decided to save my money as I don't have very much of it so I didn't want to lose it.

24 October at 07:20 - by  TA_Matilde

This is the thing with all this You have to be able to afford to lose the money you invest especially for higher returns.

25 October at 19:02 - by Kath-Middleton

This is what I was worried about in this case because as I see it on the face of it, it is crowdfunding.  I am highly suspicious of crowdfunding.

25 October at 21:42 - by TJm0m0306

Hummmm I think it can be a good idea for established investors who are actuavely looking for something to invest in, and want to diversify but you have to be very aware when it comes to crowdfunding schemes as there are millions of people out there ready to scam you.

28 October at 11:49 - by Kath-Middleton
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