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How to invest the savings of my entire life?

  • 10 May at 05:47 - by rod.b.urkey - 1502 views


I have been working all my life (since I was 16), I am retired now and I would like to invest some of my life savings to leave something worthy to my kids

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Definitively, I would put my money into the stock market. There are people who think the stock market is so overvalued right now that they would be crazy to jump in - but, here’s the thing: Nobody is telling you to pour every extra penny you have into stocks. Instead, I’m suggesting you invest small sums of money. If you don't like the idea you can invest in real estate, I heard it is a good investment but I got no experiences.

13 May at 13:04 - by rustyruth

You are right rustyruth! a good investing strategy to consider this 2018 is real estate.

15 May at 22:32 - by jeffersonvenom048

Thanks for your advice rustyruth and jeffersonvenom048. I will look for more information on real estate investments

16 May at 00:27 - by  rod.b.urkey

In my opinion a money market fund is the best investment to make. The rate of return is usually higher than a regular bank account, and the risk of loss is lessened by the pool of investments. Also, you don’t have to figure out where to invest your money because the fund manager does this for you.

19 May at 02:45 - by edwardLever

Money market funds aren’t a good investment at all at the moment, interest rates are too low and you can even lose money. I think that real estate is a very good investment if you invest in a suitable place. That's a good way to have something valuable to hand down to your children in the future. Besides, it can give you rental income.

19 May at 10:17 - by brittapete

On a different sector, which is not pure real estate, Global Great Hotels has an interesting proposal if you decide to invest in a property. Instead of buying an apartment, you buy real estate periods and can holiday every year in either of their hotels. It looks like timeshare but it’s more some kind of buy to let since they run the rental for you and without having to buy the whole unit. The difference with buy to let is that you can still use it. I decided to invest because I wanted to enjoy and travel abroad in good hotels with my wife now that the kids don’t holiday with us anymore.  It’s actually brilliant because we get a good return on the investment and still holiday with them. I really recommend this system. It is not investing in the stock market but it is an investment you can see and touch ;)

25 May at 15:05 - by mathiasfiedler43

Is it cheaper than buying a property?

25 May at 16:19 - by  rod.b.urkey

Yes, it is. You are not buying a whole property, you buy part of it and the right to enjoy different properties. So the amount depends on the number of nights you wish to spend with your family at their hotels. It’s like condo hotel but cheaper as you don’t buy the whole hotel suite.

25 May at 21:51 - by mathiasfiedler43

I can advise you to invest in diamonds. It's crisis resistant investment. I started to use Alfa Diamonds platform for diamonds investing. I invested 15,000 and did 30,000 already.

26 May at 08:43 - by angela..king

Wow I have just read this you are in a lucky position my friend 

26 May at 15:30 - by CheriThomas

Thanks I have made some small investments now but any advice at all?

26 May at 23:48 - by  rod.b.urkey

Yes, I would diversify ass much as pssible and make sure you don't put all your eggs in one basket so to speak

27 May at 06:12 - by CheriThomas

Ok thanks for the advice…any sectors to avoid do you think?

27 May at 15:56 - by  rod.b.urkey

I wld say avoid the European markets for a while but the USA espcially now love him or loath him theiiir ecomoy is in gd shape

28 May at 08:04 - by CheriThomas
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