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  • 08 September at 17:13 - by TJSHall - 2897 views


I have been offered the chance of buying into a crowdfunding investment opportunity in invest £50,000 in an office block which they are turning into apartments and they forecast over 37.5% ROI in the first 12 months.  Does anyone have any advice on this? As I have £50,000 to invest.

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Do you have the full details of the company?  Have they done it before? Do they have a track record?  Sounds too good to be true to be honest with you. But crowdfunding for development is becoming more popular, and at least it's in the UK

08 September at 23:27 - by grimshawl

yes they're a UK company registered with the Financial Conduct Authority.

09 September at 00:17 - by  TJSHall

I would go and see them and see where they're getting their 37.5% from first

09 September at 01:03 - by grimshawl

too gd to be true

10 September at 14:38 - by Aryan111

I think you should shop around a bit.  I had that same sum, and I got a Financial Advisor who diversified me.

12 September at 11:00 - by c.mark

yer but how do u no if the financial advisor is legit?

12 September at 11:21 - by Aryan111

haha I did my research beforehand and it was someone known to my family.

13 September at 07:09 - by c.mark

there is a lot to be said for crowdfunding as long as you know what you're getting yourself into.  You need to check when you can cash out as well, because many people have been caught out with things like Student lets, because you have to wait at least 5 years on some of them to get your money out again.

13 September at 12:20 - by grimshawl

they said 12 months on the comment

13 September at 12:49 - by Aryan111

the nice thing about diversification is that not all your eggs are in one basket.  By all means go for it, but I would strongly suggest you have several projects, that way if one isn't working so well for you, it's not the end of the World.

14 September at 15:01 - by c.mark

I really like that idea thank you

15 September at 22:44 - by  TJSHall
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