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Wales Real Estate

  • 02 October at 04:27 - by edwardt - 779 views


I have the chance to buy a plot of land for a very good price in Wales.  I am thinking of building on it but am not sure about the likelihood of planning and funding.  I would like some advice about becoming a budding developer.

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is the land anywhere near National Parks?

02 October at 10:14 - by lea-h.trishP

yes it's in the Snowdonia National Park

02 October at 11:08 - by  edwardt

have you even tried to get planning yet?

03 October at 07:49 - by jacobjake68

no I have not engaged the services of a planning officer

03 October at 14:54 - by  edwardt

mate you need to do that first because the likelihood is that that land is cheap for a reason and if it isn't being offered to you through a family member or something you have to think of this:  why has no one else bought it? Reason: you can't get planning permission for it. National Parks is really hard and even if you start, you may take years to get it because they'll refuse it first then it has to go to appeal, then you have to try again.  It takes a lot of time and money. Once you have it though if you're really persistant especially in that area you would increase the value of the land 100 fold before you even start building.

04 October at 12:00 - by jacobjake68

have you not heard of the new planning rules being brought in next year?  they are making it, certainly in certain areas, much easier

04 October at 13:17 - by nigelblue.1

really?  national parks?

04 October at 13:28 - by jacobjake68

it depends I think on your business...are you looking to put caravans on there?  if so, as long as you can prove it's beneficial to the local economy, it will be easier

05 October at 10:12 - by nigelblue.1

I hadn't thought of caravans I was just thinking of building houses but you can't get finance for them

05 October at 15:42 - by  edwardt

yes you can you can get self-build mortgages!  have you not done any research????????

06 October at 07:31 - by lea-h.trishP

that depends on your status tho

07 October at 12:02 - by  edwardt

good luck

07 October at 12:14 - by lea-h.trishP

I will look into caravans I loke that idea as caravan parks are well popular

07 October at 12:43 - by  edwardt
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