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  • 01 September at 10:03 - by kevinGlancy - 826 views


Should I invest in Dubai Real Estate?

8 Answers

not on your life mate!

01 September at 11:31 - by stephanie-leigh.cj

why not?  I heard it was a gd idea?

02 September at 12:00 - by mollettss

that's why I asked lol!

04 September at 10:07 - by  kevinGlancy

it's a really good investment, still.  I invested back in 2006 and have never regretted it.  I use it regularly for holidays and get a good return.  My only advice would be that you should go out there and look yourself rather than do it all remotely.

04 September at 19:24 - by RojBlake64

thanks that was constructive

04 September at 19:43 - by  kevinGlancy

and you don't pay tax and inheritance tax.

05 September at 00:01 - by mollettss

yer but how do you get the money back in because dont you have pay it when you get it back in

06 September at 08:40 - by stephanie-leigh.cj

that's a good point, not thought of that one.

06 September at 09:29 - by  kevinGlancy
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