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Real estate investment Netherlands

  • 30 April at 05:45 - by TJm0m0306 - 3585 views


Hello there.

After selling my company in the U.K. I would like to invest some money in real estate. I’ve heard Netherlands is a good place to get a start. What do you think? Are real estate investments in Netherlands profitable or rather risky? Thanks in advance.


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An investment in Amsterdam, such as a hotel investment is definitely a solid investment with a high return and very good growth prospects!

02 May at 14:09 - by Steve U

I completely agree. Besides, it has really low income taxes, which is most welcome.

17 May at 03:15 - by sylvia.sylvia

I have been investing in real estate for years, also in Netherlands. Since I have a comparison, I can only encourage you. For example, Amsterdam has one of the most valuable real estate markets, and not only within Europe, but worldwide. Check this website out:

20 May at 19:56 - by mr.helpful

A friend of mine has an agency in Rotterdam. He specializes in the rental of luxury real estates. Very high-quality properties, which can be rented out to tourists, are located in the centre of the city. For example, around Delfshaven, Kralingen or Blijdorp. It is an insider tip ;)

30 May at 15:01 - by ardeebee

Thank you all, I arrived to the same conclusion. Amsterdam seems the best option. Next step: meeting with the bank :)

04 June at 11:25 - by  TJm0m0306

Hi there I waz jst wondering if you ended up buying in Amsterdam or not?

22 July at 16:33 - by AJParsons

you can have my contact if you like but not Amsterdam everywhere else tho?

24 July at 06:05 - by ardeebee

Hi yes I did nearly a year ago now.  I used a really good company and bought a very small place which I now let out with AirBnB and HomeAway I couldn't be happier!

24 July at 19:46 - by  TJm0m0306

Oh great thank you I am thinking about doing the same because although property isnt cheap iut seems like a gd investment

24 July at 20:12 - by AJParsons

I really wanted Amsterdam but thank you very much

25 July at 11:29 - by AJParsons

Why don't you want to look at the other areas?

25 July at 12:38 - by ardeebee

I wanted to also use the property myself as I have been going to Amsterdam for years.  I am going to research companies to use when I am next out there this Summer.

25 July at 16:38 - by AJParsons

Yes you should or you can use the same one as me if you like I can send it?

27 July at 22:55 - by  TJm0m0306

Yes that wld be great

28 July at 02:27 - by AJParsons
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