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I am thinking of investing in a franchise for my new business venture.  £8k to buy in and they give you all the marketing material, ongoing training etc.  Any experience on here?

start-up franchise investor
Real estate - 15 October at 17:24 - by candycarrots - 7 answers - 2874 views

Help with lodge in Northumberland

My parents have just bought a lodge in Northumberland.  They have paid an extortionate amount of money for it and I am worried.  They have a certain number of weeks they can use, and the rest are rented out and they get the rental income.  10% of what they have paid which works out at £30k annually. Then a 5 year buy back guarantee.

profit money income
Real estate - 04 October at 15:18 - by bertram-K - 19 answers - 5682 views

Investing in hotel rooms

I am thinking of investing in a hotel room.  I have various options from £50K in Wales to £250k in London.  Is it a good place to put my money based on the long term 125% yeald and the 10% annual return.

option investor investment
Real estate - 03 October at 10:29 - by Michael.H - 11 answers - 5799 views

Wales Real Estate

I have the chance to buy a plot of land for a very good price in Wales.  I am thinking of building on it but am not sure about the likelihood of planning and funding.  I would like some advice about becoming a budding developer.

advice purchase funding
Real estate - 02 October at 04:27 - by edwardt - 13 answers - 3729 views

St Kitts and Nevis

I have the opportunity to invest in real estate in the Caribbean:  does anyone know anything about St Kitts and Nevis? It's investing $250,000 but it allows the use of the villa, 4 passports, no income tax or capital gains.  It's only a thought, as it looks appealing. No bashing, please.

property taxes profit
Real estate - 01 October at 12:06 - by arthur.3 - 8 answers - 3086 views


Is the Marriott Vacation Club a good investment ?

Real estate - 18 September at 14:34 - by 717shawb - 18 answers - 5834 views

Global Great Hotels Cala Pi

I recently visited Majorca with my husband.  We stayed at the Cala Pi Club and joined their investment programme with Global Great Hotels.  Does anyone have any experience with them?

investor investment
Real estate - 15 September at 10:16 - by englandW1 - 49 answers - 8096 views

Advice about Spanish property

Spanish property is the best investment - I recently read that Spain is the most popular place to invest, despite of Brexit.  Does anyone have any advice for me?

advice property real estate
Real estate - 10 September at 04:02 - by TJm0m0306 - 8 answers - 3228 views


Should I invest in Dubai Real Estate?

investor investment
Real estate - 01 September at 10:03 - by kevinGlancy - 8 answers - 5662 views


Ive heard that prices are really cheap in Magaluf and Im thinking about buying there but am a bit worried about the recent right ups about bad tourists. Do you think it will be a good idea to buy there??? TIA. Louise
Real estate - 30 August at 16:48 - by louise - 3 answers - 2938 views

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