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  • 18 September at 14:34 - by 717shawb - 814 views


Is the Marriott Vacation Club a good investment ?

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18 September at 23:00 - by MichiganMan

I would be careful if I were you

20 September at 14:43 - by jeffersonvenom048

are you kidding me it's great!  My parents in law have a points system there and they have never looked back

20 September at 14:59 - by Josh-1Carlson

can you use Marriott hotels in the UK?

20 September at 15:35 - by jeffersonvenom048

I'm not sure, I don't think do

21 September at 00:04 - by Josh-1Carlson

there are some beautiful places, I went to the Marriott in Estepona Spain and it was out of this world we didn't own any points just bought the holiday online and it cost a lot but it was so worth it but it wld of cost less if we had been a member but I couldn't afford the initial investment at the time but I would defo look into it in the future

23 September at 07:11 - by rollstone

that's what we thought plus I have heard that points are not a good investment but the places are lovely

24 September at 01:02 - by  717shawb

were lucky as we haven't had to pay for them but we get to use them.  Expensive to buy I think.

25 September at 17:40 - by Josh-1Carlson

Right I have been looking at this and they offer some sort of fraction as well as points now?  Has anyone got any experience?  Or is it just timeshare that is worth nothing?

29 September at 19:04 - by edwardLever

I say the same to you my friend that I say to everyone who always asks how we can afford to go on such fancy holidays.  Whatevedr timeshare you "invest" in is not going to be a long term "investment" in the scheme of things but it is an "investment in your holidays" like I said before, we are very lucky as our parents-in-law have bought their points and they let us use it free but you have to remember you still have to get your flights, car hire etc etc.

04 October at 02:34 - by Josh-1Carlson

I get you.  So as long as you go into it with your eyes open so to speak and learn how to use it properly it is a good idea?

10 October at 08:09 - by edwardLever

In my humble opinion yes it is.  We have fabulous holidays and Marriott is super high end.

11 October at 17:23 - by Josh-1Carlson

What about the ground rent?  Don't you have to pay a ground rent?

11 October at 22:13 - by LizinKLx

Whatever it is still really high so you have the initial investment and then you have to pay the ongoing maintenance fee as you call it.  Sounds an expensive way of holidaying to me.

12 October at 02:09 - by LizinKLx

LOL I think you mean a maintenance fee…

12 October at 12:28 - by Josh-1Carlson

I would suggest you look into it further before critsising something you clearly know nothing about…

15 October at 09:14 - by Josh-1Carlson

So it is not an investment per se but if you are dedicated to your holidays then it is a good idea?

17 October at 19:05 - by edwardLever

Exactly.  If you are not a regular holiday taker then no, but if you are, then yes absoutely.

18 October at 16:32 - by Josh-1Carlson
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