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Is buying golf shares a good investment?

  • 11 July at 13:07 - by oakley2013 - 880 views


Is buying golf shares a good investment?

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You should buy club shares only if this is the cheapest way for you to use the club facilities. Consider your money an expense, not an investment.

11 July at 20:33 - by ardeebee

How is club shares different from playing rights in a golf country club?

13 July at 06:02 - by alanphinvst

If you invest in club shares, you are part owner of the club. If ever the club is liquidated and its assets sold off, you will have a share in any money that is left over after the club's debts have been paid. And even if the club is not liquidated, the value of your shares could rise (or fall) depending on what assets the club owns. There are some clubs whose main asset is the land on which the club is built. That land is worth a lot of money now.

13 July at 17:44 - by  oakley2013

Generally club fees can be a good investment, a club is like a company or corporation, the service, the reputation...and of course performance should be considered. Now if you go for the more established clubs, or country clubs etc etc. they should appreciate over time but of course, it's more on the long haul investment variety.

14 July at 00:17 - by austin.wright

I think this is only a good "investment" (not actually an investment but a way to save) if you are a very active user of the facilities. that is, yearly savings should be greater than the 12 months due plus (annual bond rate x purchase cost).

14 July at 08:26 - by ardeebee

Why don’t you just invest your money to the bond market and pay the regular rate for the facilities use.

15 July at 18:21 - by Jayesh.B

I love playing golf so I thought it could be a good investments if I can get profits and play at the same time. Thank you all for your opinion!!

15 July at 21:09 - by  oakley2013

I want to know more about this topic I am an avid golfer and I didn't even know that you could invest in this sort of thing

18 July at 12:15 - by WendymCl

I think Ardeebee is right I think it is only useful if you are planning to use it

18 July at 18:31 - by kevinGlancy

did I hear my name lol

20 July at 02:20 - by ardeebee

Yes you did!  I think you make a good point because this is a long-term and slightly tenuous investment and only really applicable if you play the game

20 July at 15:10 - by kevinGlancy

That's right.  It is really a long-term gamble and might be hard to get your money out of again unless you are looking at a long-established and consequently vvery expensive golf club which may potentially have a waiting list of peopole who want to buy if you ever wanted to sell but it is pretty niche

21 July at 12:10 - by ardeebee

I am pretty niche

23 July at 03:03 - by WendymCl

Haha yes of course it's great and as you play they always say you should invest in something your actively interested in plus as the others have already said, you wouuld probably save money in the long-term in your fees

26 July at 11:07 - by kevinGlancy

quite.  Thanks all that was useful

28 July at 04:11 - by WendymCl
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