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Buy To Let Areas

  • 05 November at 00:09 - by G31 - 3578 views


I am thinking of buying a buy to let, please can I have some advice with regards to the best areas in the UK to look at?

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Manchester without doubt

06 November at 15:03 - by simon.K

How much are you looking at investing as that will dictate your area

06 November at 20:38 - by andrew53

I have never had one so not very much at first

07 November at 17:29 - by  G31

Then midlands/birmingham somewhere like that i would say

07 November at 21:11 - by andrew53

Manchester is where I have several and I have seen increased yeild and rental price and there’s lots of choice

08 November at 00:48 - by simon.K

Midlands woudl be cheaper

09 November at 11:19 - by andrew53

Not necessarily although it would depend on whether you are looking at getting a buy to let mortgage or just paying cash because if you are getting a mortgage unless you have an exceptional advisor then you need to live near where you are buying so if you don’t live near there then maybe think of somewhere nearer to you…

11 November at 10:02 - by simon.K

Any commuter belt town would be a good start tho

11 November at 10:40 - by andrew53

So like 30 mins from a big city?

12 November at 13:52 - by  G31

Yes anything like that you can’t go wrong

13 November at 22:31 - by andrew53
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