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Which is the better stock to buy now? NETFLIX or HBO

stock finance purchase
Finance - 14 August at 16:12 - by Wayne.-M - 6 answers - 568 views

Electric Cars: are they definitely increasing in value?

I have heard that electric cars are going up in value.  Should I buy one?

Finance - 12 August at 00:18 - by janeuk-1971 - 13 answers - 577 views


WHAT IS BETTER INVESTMENT? Apple, Google, Facebook or Amazon. which stock offers the best forecasted medium term to long term gains?

stock investor investment
Finance - 10 August at 07:26 - by mr.investor - 9 answers - 609 views

Online publishing

I recently read that the author of Fifty Shades of Grey self published online and is obviously now a multimillionaire.  I am thinking of doing this with my friend's book and investing in her as it were, does anyone have any experience?

investor investment
Finance - 09 August at 00:01 - by wannabe54 - 18 answers - 516 views

Investing in Student Let Accommodation

Hi there. I have recently been offered the opportunity to invest in Student Let Accommodation at Liverpool University.  I have done some online research and found real contradictions in people's experiences...could I get some pure investor-oriented advice?

investor investment
Finance - 08 August at 08:00 - by supervesting - 20 answers - 506 views


Has anyone else heard of it please???

Banking and insurance - 07 August at 04:59 - by marlamad - 11 answers - 468 views

Healthcare investment good idea?

Private sector investment in new products and services is essential to maintain the NHS.

investor investment
Banking and insurance - 03 August at 21:30 - by Clare_G - 5 answers - 591 views

paralympic team

Can I invest in paralympic team?

investor investment
Finance - 01 August at 17:47 - by Steve_Gaskell - 6 answers - 523 views


I’ve been seeing a lot of publicity recently about collectables. Any comments would be appreciated please.

Finance - 01 August at 10:15 - by garybar2n1968 - 8 answers - 524 views

Social Media Marketing Company

Should I invest in a Social Media Marketing Company?  I have been approached to invest in one of these Social Media Marketing Companies which seem to be all over my Facebook and Instagram.  Is it the future or is it just an old fashioned pyramid scheme?

help investor investment
Finance - 29 July at 22:41 - by leoheaps - 20 answers - 659 views

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