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Here is a list of questions and answers about investments. If you don't find what you are looking for, you can surely click on ASK and post your own question. Please feel free to ask anything you need. Although users have different needs about investments, we can all help each other to clarify some doubts regarding financial advice and investing strategies.

Rare Coins

I have been researching alternative investments, and I have seen rare coins come up again and again.  I would like to know if anyone has any previous experience with them and if so, what are the things to look out for?

investor investment money
Cryptocurrencies - 27 October at 14:55 - by investbeginner - 9 answers - 806 views

Vintage stamps

I am a self-confessed nerd.  I am interested in vintage stamps, and I have read that they could be a great investment.  Please does anyone have anything to share?

investor investment
Miscellaneous - 25 October at 00:02 - by alan.b - 6 answers - 796 views

What about storage units?

My friend has just bought into a self storage unit company.  I see they are popping up all over the place...any good?

company purchase
Real estate - 23 October at 09:18 - by simon.K - 7 answers - 908 views


So I found this really weird investment on the internet:  lean hogs. Does anyone know anything about them? I got a bit confused if I'm honest, but the return actually looks good and it's a well-established market, apparently.

market investor investment
Miscellaneous - 21 October at 17:59 - by JeffW2116 - 8 answers - 831 views

Soybean Trading

is it too hard and too ambitious for a novice?

Miscellaneous - 20 October at 07:33 - by property-owner - 6 answers - 692 views

Liverpool real estate

I have always wanted to own an apartment in Liverpool, and I have had an email regarding a new development at the Central Docks hotspot.  They are offering them for £137,393 with a 6.4%net income. Has anyone got any experience with this?

profit income
Real estate - 18 October at 19:51 - by chris999 - 12 answers - 804 views

Investing firms - to trust or not to trust?

My friend has just started with an investment firm.  Bascially you give them what you want, and let them invest for you, and you can add more monthly if you want.  You can get your cash out at any time and they make a plan for you based on your needs. I am not sure if this is a good idea or not, or is it just lazy investing where they take all your money.

investor investment money
Finance - 16 October at 03:39 - by andrew53 - 8 answers - 748 views


I am thinking of investing in a franchise for my new business venture.  £8k to buy in and they give you all the marketing material, ongoing training etc.  Any experience on here?

start-up franchise investor
Real estate - 15 October at 17:24 - by candycarrots - 7 answers - 812 views

Should I invest in high fashion?

I was thinking of investing in a high end fashion piece such as a Channel handbag, but it seems that really I can't use it, and they don't actually accumulate in value unless they are completely unmarked ergo you can't use them.  However, whilst researching I found that it's acutally a really good time to invest in high fashion companies. Is anyone an investor?

investor investment company
Precious stones and metals - 12 October at 09:16 - by 3ark - 9 answers - 744 views

Wine and Champagne?

Should I invest in champagne or fine wines or neither?  My friend has had a bottle of Dom Perignon 2002 given to him.  I Googled it out of interest and it turns out its really valuable.  So I looked into it but I have no experience. Help please?

help investor investment
Miscellaneous - 10 October at 18:04 - by sjpmkp - 10 answers - 741 views

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