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Here is a list of questions and answers about investments. If you don't find what you are looking for, you can surely click on ASK and post your own question. Please feel free to ask anything you need. Although users have different needs about investments, we can all help each other to clarify some doubts regarding financial advice and investing strategies.

Online Dating Sites Investment

Should I invest in online dating sites?  I am interested in the Match Group which owns Tinder, OKCupid, Hinge, etc etc.

investor investment
Miscellaneous - 22 November at 17:03 - by Kim_EW - 10 answers - 859 views

Online Gaming

Online gaming I have read is a great investment right now?  With the likes of Grand Theft Auto and Candy Crush generating £Billions is anyone involved?

investor investment
Miscellaneous - 21 November at 13:53 - by John.R - 10 answers - 807 views

Investing in Private Number Plates

 I own and use two private number plates, and it occured to me, they might be a good place for further investment.  Thoughts, please.

investor investment
Miscellaneous - 19 November at 16:51 - by andrew32johns - 11 answers - 812 views

Investing your money Overseas

I would like to know peoples’ thoughts on overseas investment and whether it’s too high risk.

investor investment money
Banking and insurance - 18 November at 16:44 - by grahamh - 10 answers - 714 views

Selling on Amazon

Although perhaps not a strictly investment question, although it does have to do with income:  I came accross a bloke the other day who makes a 6 figure income selling products on Amazon. Anyone know anything?

profit investor investment
Cryptocurrencies - 17 November at 12:27 - by investaddict - 9 answers - 763 views

Investing in the Lottery

I know this sounds a bit strange, but I actually wanted to know if anyone has experience with Lottery Affiliate clicks?

Banking and insurance - 16 November at 00:38 - by AdamSte - 10 answers - 695 views

Vegan Investing

Plant-based or vegan investing has become a thing in the US, with firms such as Impossible Foods which is back by Bill Gates and Google, disrupting the market, does anyone have any previous with this topic?

market investor investment
Miscellaneous - 15 November at 07:21 - by Karl46 - 16 answers - 882 views

Japanese Stock Markets

I am told it is the way forward to invest in Japanese Stocks and Shares as their payouts to shareholders are the best.  But it is a minefield and I have no idea where to start.

stock investor investment
Finance - 14 November at 10:43 - by beckysimms - 7 answers - 738 views

Mortgage Backed Securities

Despite their bad reputation recently, there are apparently the way to go now.  Advice please.

Real estate - 13 November at 14:39 - by btgmh - 16 answers - 715 views

Baby Products - a good investment

As the baby product market is booming I am told, this is the time to invest.  But where and what in?

market investor investment
Miscellaneous - 12 November at 05:01 - by Josh-1Carlson - 8 answers - 565 views

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