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Here is a list of questions and answers about investments. If you don't find what you are looking for, you can surely click on ASK and post your own question. Please feel free to ask anything you need. Although users have different needs about investments, we can all help each other to clarify some doubts regarding financial advice and investing strategies.

How to invest the savings of my entire life?

I have been working all my life (since I was 16), I am retired now and I would like to invest some of my life savings to leave something worthy to my kids

investor investment savings
Banking and insurance - 10 May at 05:47 - by rod.b.urkey - 14 answers - 1018 views

Best cryptocurrency to invest in for 2018

I am a newbie in the investing world and I would like to know which are the best cryptocurrencies to invest in (besides bitcoins).


Elisabeth Investing

profit investor investment
Cryptocurrencies - 07 May at 10:03 - by elizabethinvesting - 7 answers - 789 views

Precious Stone or Metal?

I want to invest in precious stone or metal, can you tell me which one is better and why?

gold investor investment
Precious stones and metals - 02 May at 12:07 - by ianroberts987 - 14 answers - 865 views

Will 2018 be a good year to invest my money in gold?

My husband and I have some money saved and I do wonder whether we could spend that money better. I have always believed that buying gold is a safe investment and that the worst thing that could happen is selling it for the same price you paid for it. Still, we would like to learn more on this subject.


Rebecca Mills

gold investor investment
Precious stones and metals - 30 April at 22:11 - by rebecca-mills62 - 4 answers - 999 views

Real estate investment Netherlands

Hello there.

After selling my company in the U.K. I would like to invest some money in real estate. I’ve heard Netherlands is a good place to get a start. What do you think? Are real estate investments in Netherlands profitable or rather risky? Thanks in advance.


property real estate investor
Real estate - 30 April at 05:45 - by TJm0m0306 - 14 answers - 1111 views


Is copper bullion a viable investment for the future?

investor investment copper
Precious stones and metals - 25 April at 22:00 - by knkl74512 - 5 answers - 867 views

Buying Gold

I want to buy some gold as Ive been told that it’s a really good investment right now due to its high value but don’t really know much about it.  Any help please??

help gold investor
Precious stones and metals - 16 April at 16:08 - by investreader - 5 answers - 880 views


Is it a good idea to invest in Bitcoins?

investor investment
Cryptocurrencies - 14 April at 10:22 - by alanwesten - 6 answers - 915 views

What steps should I take to purchase a property in Spain?

Good morning, this is Austin. The point is that I am thinking of buying a second residence in Majorca because we always have to rent different apartments whenever we go there on holidays, and we want to have something of our own. Nonetheless, I think that the procedure for buying a house in Majorca is different from the one in the U.K. Is that true?

I would really appreciate some guidance.

Thanks in advance.

property difference procedure
Real estate - 09 April at 17:24 - by austin.wright - 20 answers - 1350 views

Investing in cryptocurrencies

I have been investing in the stock market for quite a long time and now I want to invest in other things that may not earn a dividend but may rise in value over time. I have been told cryptocurrencies are one of the best ways to get what I am looking for so I wanted to ask for some advice.

I understand it is really hard to know when the bubble will end but is it safe to invest into cryptocurrencies nowadays?

Thanks for your opinions!

stock market stock market
Cryptocurrencies - 09 April at 15:55 - by investingchoice - 7 answers - 762 views

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