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Should I invest in precious metals?

  • 28 May at 09:47 - by PaulTimHolden - 821 views


I've heard people talk about investing in precious metals. Is investing in gold and silver a good idea? If so, how do I get started?

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Don’t forget to get information on taxes. I believe precious metals are taxed at 28% regardless of income. The best way is to do it in an IRA (or other "pre-tax" account), not on a taxable account. (I'm no accountant, so best to consult yours J).

29 May at 14:50 - by rustyruth

I would recommend that you check this website:

I found some useful information there when I was researching before starting with my own investment.

31 May at 13:31 - by BrianWhiteInv

Silver and gold have been sleeping since 2011. If I were you I’d go for for something like Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc... Go where the money is!

31 May at 19:08 - by KRucker

Make sure that you don't put all your eggs in the same basket. Avoid paper gold and gold stocks and go for real physical bullion gold investment.

I insist on a tax-free retirement account rollover, such as a gold IRA rollover.

01 June at 06:41 - by rustyruth

Thank you guys for the tips. :)

02 June at 20:10 - by  PaulTimHolden

I have found myself in a position where I have some money to invest and I have always wanted to invest in gold bullion has anyone actually invested on here?

06 June at 06:21 - by beckysimms

Not personally but I have friends who have hence why I said bullion before on here.  They loved the idea like you do, and as far as I know they are continuing to invest so I think it's working for them!

06 June at 13:06 - by rustyruth

Really ok thank you for that its really hard to know when your not some sort of top investor person that’s why I like sites like this real advice from real people not trying to get money out of your ledt right and centre

06 June at 21:38 - by beckysimms

Yes it's nice to get real feedback I agree

07 June at 00:51 - by rustyruth

I would still go for cyber investment if I were you.  Gold and Silver are over

07 June at 11:48 - by KRucker

Some people like the idea of investing in something tangible though and I totally get that

07 June at 23:56 - by rustyruth

Yer but not if its not a good idea!

10 June at 04:21 - by KRucker

I would rather by something I can hold rather than a lot of hot air!

10 June at 11:57 - by beckysimms

Just trying to give advice!  I think you'll find Bitcoin is not a lot of hot air somehow!  There's even another chat about it on this very forum!

10 June at 23:32 - by KRucker

Ok thanks.

11 June at 11:06 - by beckysimms
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