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Precious Stone or Metal?

  • 02 May at 12:07 - by ianroberts987 - 835 views


I want to invest in precious stone or metal, can you tell me which one is better and why?

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My favorite is silver. My prediction is that silver will appreciate fast as it will have many uses.

03 May at 05:33 - by jenniferbrooke

Here are the reason to invest in precious stone or metal:

1/ Precious metals and stones cannot be diminished. They retain its value and thus provide protection against inflation especially in turbulent times.

2/ They are independent of the state, currency, economic situation and the capital value of companies. It will protect you against inflation and government intervention.

3/ The one who has precious metals or stones has his money available all the time. Especially gold and silver are international currencies and may be redeemed instantly at any time.

4/ Precious metals as a solid property reserve should compose at least 10–20 % of your portfolio. What is good for central banks and governments cannot be bad for the individual.

03 May at 08:12 - by investingchoice

This investment is a long-term investment, at least 10 years or more. I will give you different evaluation of different type of precious metal or precious stone.

  1. Fine Rubies. This is where you can really make a good return. Exceptionally rare to find, extremely valuable though very difficult to judge. The mines are exhausted, so there are only so many of these beauties, but every day more people want them. They are not as liquid as gold or diamonds, they fetch really high prices & hence exceptional returns . Their rarity makes them easily auctionable too. Moreover you may have to invest a fortune.
  2. Big Diamonds. Much rarer than Gold, not even weighed in Grams, investment grade diamonds. Big diamonds have held their value really well over time. Almost as liquid as gold in good economic conditions, big diamonds usually give a steady return over time.
  3. Fine Emeralds & Sapphires. Emeralds & Sapphires, they are not as rare as Rubies, hence neither as expensive. The return is expected to be better than diamonds as they are much rarer, however less than fine rubies as they are comparatively easier to find.
04 May at 11:47 - by xarliewillson

For me the best to invest is in precious metals: gold and silver since there are active markets for both and quality is easily assessed compared to other metals and stones.

04 May at 20:26 - by scott92poole

The best way is to slowly purchase gold as it is one the best return awarding asset. Gold can be sold easily and so can be purchased. Apart from that gold, stones like emerald and ruby has good value. Gold can be treated just like any other stock item by any dealer and it shall yield the same return that other investments do with a larger guarantee. Long term gains computation is slightly different and yields lower tax payment too.

06 May at 17:05 - by BrianWhiteInv

pfffffffff I feel more lost than before starting this thread LOL. Thanks anyway for all the information!

06 May at 19:56 - by  ianroberts987

Wow what an informative conversation!  I am really impressed

09 May at 20:55 - by LizinKLx

I got more than I bargained for that’s for sure but I did start my investment I bought gold and I am really pleased

10 May at 04:49 - by  ianroberts987

we are pleased to be of service!  That's what these forums are all about.  Helping each other.  I  am pretty diversified and I do reiterate, this is not a short-term investment nor is it a quick buck, but you should be diversified and it's certainly a great market to get into.  

14 May at 17:33 - by investingchoice

Am I better off to invest in gold as stocks or am I better off to buy a diamond and keep it in a safe?

18 May at 08:17 - by LizinKLx

I am not an advisor in any way shape or form.  It depends how much money you have and where you want to put it.

18 May at 22:52 - by investingchoice

Not a great deal at first to be honest.

21 May at 00:35 - by LizinKLx

Up to you, it really is.  As I did above, I can only give you the facts.

22 May at 04:27 - by investingchoice

I understand.  Thanks though, it's really interesting.  I feel safe investing in this sort of commoditiy.

24 May at 02:55 - by LizinKLx
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