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Inherited the Family Jewels

  • 28 July at 10:00 - by executive2018 - 988 views


I have been lucky enough to inherit all the rings and necklaces from a long line of family.  Some of the diamonds are clearly huge, and I will get them valued anyway, but some of the rings themselves are snapped, and some are just so tiny I can't believe they would fit anyone.  Should I sell them as they are? Or should I get the diamonds taken out, and sell them separately?

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it would depend on whether they are antiques in their own right, do you know where they came from originally?

28 July at 15:19 - by RoyParker

do you have like original boxes for them or are they just loose?

30 July at 05:27 - by rockette

some do, some don't.  They originate from London and Paris.

02 August at 10:14 - by  executive2018

I think it would be a massive shame to ruin what is probably beautiful jewellery and if it's antique from London or Paris, would be worth more if you didn't separate the diamonds and just kept them as they are.

02 August at 10:51 - by RoyParker

keep them as they are and take them to an experienced antique jewellery dealer in North London, ideally Hatton Garden, as they know what they're doing.

03 August at 00:33 - by oakley2013

ok thank you.

04 August at 10:12 - by  executive2018

I find myself in a similar situation although they are not my immediate family so there is no attachment, but some are without original boxes and some are

07 August at 16:38 - by SueH

Just like I said beofre, I would take them to an experienced antique dealer in a repuatable place like Hatton Garden in London they will be able to point you in the right direction

08 August at 16:49 - by oakley2013

Im sorry is it me or r u guys jst like mercenaries

11 August at 05:49 - by ready123

Whatever do you mean?

14 August at 01:28 - by SueH

well use just seem bothered bout the money love not wot is probs worth a lot in sentimental value like to the family

14 August at 15:56 - by ready123

Erm, well, thanks for the input but you don’t' know my situation and it is none of your business sorry I came onto this forum to get advice not a telling off!

14 August at 19:07 - by SueH

givin you life adice love

18 August at 10:26 - by ready123

Go to an experienced antique jewelery dealer…and don't get ripped off.  Don't part with anything until you are happy

21 August at 07:01 - by oakley2013

Ok thank you, at least, for your advice.

24 August at 20:40 - by SueH
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