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  • 18 June at 14:28 - by taylor.milton - 1106 views


I want to invest in Gold, is it a Good Investment ?

6 Answers

In gold we trust. I only buy gold I never sell it and probably never will.

18 June at 18:27 - by xarliewillson

GOLD IS NOT AN INVESTMENT; Gold is used for Jewelry and the markets that demand gold is CHINA and INDIA.

DO NOT INVEST in gold nor attempt to use GOLD as a currency. You cannot convert gold as you will be selling gold 10-40% below market price because it is a PRODUCT not an exchange of Medium. So If you hold gold you literally have to find a buyer willing to buy it, and the only buyers that buy gold are smelters and consumers for jewelry.

Gold market is REALLY SMALL, the Soyabean market is larger than GOLD for crying out loud.

18 June at 19:41 - by KRucker

I don't agree at all .Gold is indeed an investment that goes up and down in price depending on the value investors feel it is worth, just like any other stock. Gold is simply another portion of your portfolio.

20 June at 20:35 - by scott92poole

Gold is money and can never be an investment

20 June at 21:17 - by BillyHelston

Investing in Gold is always best form of Investment as it has the capacity of providing better returns even the Market faces rescission too. But even Gold also should be traded in a right way else we may face some loss. I suggest Investors that every time is better for Gold Trading if traded by taking suggestion from companies.

21 June at 17:03 - by ianroberts987

This is the right time to invest in gold because right now is at its lowest price compared to last 5 years.

23 June at 10:44 - by scott92poole
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