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Soybean Trading

  • 20 October at 07:33 - by property-owner - 840 views


is it too hard and too ambitious for a novice?

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ok so I need to know about this too, glad you asked as I didn't want to sound silly!

20 October at 10:21 - by RojBlake64

I haven't done any personally, but my brother-in-law has, and you have to be like really really experienced from what I can see, as it's "highly volatile" apparently

20 October at 16:45 - by WendymCl

you can also trade soyabean meal which has become a bit of a thing:  it's a product of soya bean: the oil and the meal, and is used to feed animals.  I would do masses of research though, because I think you'll find it's a predominantly American market, so you need to be NCDEX etc savvy..."Highly volatile" means that they are dependent on many different factors, and are not constant.  So you need to look at environmental factors such as weather conditions, and technical factors such as meat trade etc.

21 October at 03:29 - by KCSTL

so it's not an easy thing to get into?

21 October at 12:56 - by  property-owner

not if you have never done anything like this before.  If you had a strategist to work on it for you, then yes, obviously.  But as a person on your own? And a novice? Maybe not.

22 October at 08:13 - by KCSTL

ok, thanks for the advice, it's been really useful.  Thanks all.

23 October at 15:33 - by RojBlake64
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