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Investing in the fitness industry

  • 02 September at 17:54 - by Steve_Gaskell - 998 views


wellness v fitness

11 Answers

both are booming with the clever pound investing in both

02 September at 20:11 - by 222Peter

I would pick one and stick to it

03 September at 13:57 - by jlouiseprk

wellness, retreats, all that malarkey do it

03 September at 16:27 - by MichiganMan

ok but fitness?

04 September at 07:02 - by  Steve_Gaskell

Soulcal and that BOOM cycle defo

05 September at 11:00 - by jlouiseprk

I am thinking of investing in wellness products has anyone any advice?

18 October at 16:01 - by investaddict

Interesting as this area is booming.  All the celebrities and "influencers" are always punting them the wierder the better cool

20 October at 01:40 - by titch272

Is it just a fad though?

22 October at 17:27 - by investaddict

I am involved in retreats and wellness and have been for a long time which is why I commented on it last time it is all good stuff and really never goes out of fashion it depends if you invest "a product" or in something more along the lines of the principle...

24 October at 05:27 - by MichiganMan

I get you yes…the idea of wellness retreats etc rather than a goiji berry smoothie…

26 October at 20:32 - by investaddict


27 October at 03:41 - by MichiganMan
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