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  • 04 July at 06:38 - by Aryan111 - 825 views


Is investing in rare postal stamps a good idea? Can you get good returns?

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I have spent most of my life around stamps (38 years to be exact!) and I can say with hand on heart that in most cases rare stamps will appreciate in value at a rate that can easily be compared favourably to most blue-chip investments.

05 July at 09:30 - by christianbr

But how can you know if you are being ripped off? Isn’t it an extra specialised market? If you don’t know what you are doing they could be selling you normal every day run of the mill stamps and you wouldn’t know.

07 July at 11:51 - by rocky34

Yes I know I’m in the trade and it’s easier for me …. But surely even your average Joe Public can tell the difference between what is a rare or antique stamp than an everyday one for goodness sake?! And as with any other investments you need to enlist the help of a professional to make sure you are not ripped off!

07 July at 17:05 - by christianbr

No I don’t think you are right! I am average Joe Public and to be honest I wouldn’t know the difference between a rare stamp and a green shield stamp! I think it’s easy for you to say as you are in the trade but don’t think it’s fair to say that we “should” all know just because you do! .. or do you??

08 July at 01:42 - by rocky34

In answer to your comment Joe Public there is no answer … other than to say don’t invest in anything then!

08 July at 11:38 - by christianbr

Oh I’m sorry I didn’t want anyone to get into a scuffle about anything I was just asking for some advice! Please don’t get into a discussion on my behalf that’s not what I’m looking for!

08 July at 20:12 - by  Aryan111

I’m not an expert by any means but have to say that I agree that as with any other investment as a general rule you should to enlist the help of a professional to help get you started.

10 July at 07:16 - by Kath-Middleton
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