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Usually an investment horse is hand-picked by a rider that the investor deals with or not in some cases, the investor simply brings the rider a horse they own/bred to evaluate for the purposes of mutual profit when the horse is later sold.

03 July at 03:11 - by EdiWalker

I think the investment horse is an illusion, like the Yeti, Bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster. Everyone has heard of them but no one has actually seen one…

05 July at 08:44 - by edwardLever

I disagree with you EdwardLever, I think the best investments are ponies for lease, as they tend to last forever, have long careers. If you get a good one that will reliably pack a kid and is fancy, it's worth its weight in gold, and then some, since it will bring in a nice lease every year for maybe 10 years..

05 July at 13:30 - by andrew32johns

No way! First yachts and now horses. Dude, really? Next week what’s it gonna be? Bananas !

07 July at 18:05 - by AaronDavis

Listen, if you don’t want to discuss these forms of investment then don’t do it! Nobody asked for such a negative opinion, you’re not bringing anything into the conversation.

07 July at 20:58 - by  wal.melvin

If I were getting into horse investments, it would likely be this route- flipping low end European jumpers which already have shown experience in Europe into mid-to-high range hunter/eq horses, but I don't know how conducive the current conditions are for doing this.

09 July at 10:23 - by rockette

I want some ideas on this topic because my friend has been offered to invest in a horse and stables like the whole thing does anyone know about this?

12 July at 05:11 - by brandon6210

Agreed, although you should tell your friend to check them out like go there and have a look.  Are they in the UK or abroad?

13 July at 09:16 - by rockette

They're actually in Ireland

16 July at 13:57 - by brandon6210

Ireland are well known for being excellent breeders and having the best quality stables.  You friend should still make the trip though

18 July at 01:28 - by rockette

Would you  say it would be a good idea?

19 July at 21:26 - by brandon6210

I'm not here to give everyone advice but in my opinion if you went over, checked it out and it looked good then why not

21 July at 05:25 - by rockette

Yes as long as it checks out ok then Ireland are known to be good 

24 July at 00:01 - by EdiWalker

Sorry but have you any idea how inhumane horse breeding, trialing and racing is?????How can you perpetuate such abominable practices??? angryangryangry

24 July at 19:01 - by Kungfumassive

Pardon???  This is an investment forum the last time I looked not an animal rights forum…I suggest you go and whitter on in one of those

27 July at 00:02 - by brandon6210

Can we stay on topic please. 

27 July at 01:31 - by EdiWalker

Thank you both Edi and Rockette for your input. @Kungfumassive, go and eat a burger as you're probably vegan too. 

27 July at 15:33 - by brandon6210

Yes it's quite a mainstream thing to do and if the stables are good qualitty with good results you could do far worse

12 August at 21:43 - by EdiWalker
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