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  • 01 August at 10:15 - by garybar2n1968 - 776 views


I’ve been seeing a lot of publicity recently about collectables. Any comments would be appreciated please.

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I’ve been reading up on this a lot too recently because it seems to be an investment that is within reach of many of us and doesn’t present as much risk as other options.

01 August at 09:17 - by brandon6210

Thank you for your comments but a bit more information would be appreciated please.

02 August at 00:10 - by  garybar2n1968

I’ve seen a lot about this recently too .. must be a new craze!  Childhood toys seem to be very popular at the moment and they are not too expensive either.

04 August at 04:42 - by wal.melvin

Sorry! Yes I should have given a bit more info. Not that I’m an expert in any way but people seem to have a lot of nostalgia for toys and games that remind them of their childhood. I’ve seen that in particular Pippa dolls and Transformer figures are very popular.

04 August at 17:08 - by brandon6210

Oh yes I remember those! What sort of prices are we talking about here?

04 August at 20:30 - by  garybar2n1968

From what I’ve seen prices can vary a lot! I’ve seen that the Transformer figures can go from anything from £5 to £200 but depends on the condition of course! Should have kept some of mine!

05 August at 11:04 - by wal.melvin

That’s very interesting and as you say not too expensive to get started. My only concern now would be space to keep everything but I’m working on it!

06 August at 10:00 - by  garybar2n1968

i’ve also heard that toys are rapidly becoming one of the biggest area of investment for serious collectors.

06 August at 16:59 - by patevergreen99
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