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  • 13 September at 11:39 - by Mike.W - 733 views


I have been looking at options to make extra money on the side, and I have heard that you can actually make really good money from starting your own blog.  Does anyone on here have any suggestions for me?

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I looked into it a while ago listen you have to have real time on your hands and dedication

15 September at 17:48 - by neptune675

yes I agree you need to really work at it

15 September at 18:52 - by rick.gard

I get that, I was just wanting some advice.

16 September at 12:01 - by  Mike.W

I have researched it too, and it seems to me that you have to be really interested in what you are doing i.e. not just doing it for the money, but the love of the topic you have chosen.  It looks like some people are making thousands of pounds a month, but that comes with perseverance hence you need to love what youre writing about.

17 September at 09:26 - by christianbr

I have a full time job, so I was looking to write on the weekends about my lifestyle and going out to theatres etc

18 September at 14:33 - by  Mike.W

have a look at other peoples' blogs, are they already doing too much of this?  I think you need to be more niche.

18 September at 16:59 - by christianbr

plus you have to be really tech savvy so you need a domain name and Wordpress or something along those lines.  You also need to cultivate relationships with other bloggers

19 September at 01:11 - by rick.gard

I wish you luck but you must work at it and be consistent.  would also like some advice from someone whose actually taken the plunge!

20 September at 06:41 - by christianbr
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