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What type of precious stone should I invest in?

I would like to collect some precious stones with the aim of selling them in the future. However, whenever I look for some information on the internet, nobody has the right answer. There are so many factors to be considered before making an investment that I am kind of lost.

What type of stone would you recommend that I invest in? Gold? Perhaps diamonds? I need something which increases its value with the pass of the time.

Awaiting your replies. Thank you. 

Jordan B

help gold investor
Precious stones and metals - 28 March at 06:31 - by jordansbulls - 5 answers - 771 views

Investment in diamonds, how to choose them

I have been told that buying diamonds is an excellent investment, but I don’t know anything about them. Is it better to buy small or large? Are transparent or colored more valuable? Can someone suggest-recommend something?

Thanks for your help

suggestion investor investment
Precious stones and metals - 18 May at 04:12 - by BrianWhiteInv - 4 answers - 858 views

Precious Stone or Metal?

I want to invest in precious stone or metal, can you tell me which one is better and why?

gold investor investment
Precious stones and metals - 02 May at 12:07 - by ianroberts987 - 14 answers - 958 views

Inherited the Family Jewels

I have been lucky enough to inherit all the rings and necklaces from a long line of family.  Some of the diamonds are clearly huge, and I will get them valued anyway, but some of the rings themselves are snapped, and some are just so tiny I can't believe they would fit anyone.  Should I sell them as they are? Or should I get the diamonds taken out, and sell them separately?

Precious stones and metals - 28 July at 10:00 - by executive2018 - 15 answers - 988 views

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