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Here is a list of questions and answers about advice. If you don't find what you are looking for, you can surely click on ASK and post your own question. Please feel free to ask anything you need. Although users have different needs about advice, we can all help each other to clarify some doubts regarding financial advice and investing strategies.

Wales Real Estate

I have the chance to buy a plot of land for a very good price in Wales.  I am thinking of building on it but am not sure about the likelihood of planning and funding.  I would like some advice about becoming a budding developer.

advice purchase funding
Real estate - 02 October at 04:27 - by edwardt - 13 answers - 837 views

Buy To Let Areas

I am thinking of buying a buy to let, please can I have some advice with regards to the best areas in the UK to look at?

advice purchase
Real estate - 05 November at 00:09 - by G31 - 10 answers - 538 views

Investing in the British Beauty Industry

I am very keen on British beauty products and was thinking of putting my money where my mouth is and investing.  Any advice welcome.

advice investor investment
Miscellaneous - 26 November at 10:08 - by ready123 - 8 answers - 4674 views

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