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Wanting to invest but nor sure where to start... Please HELP!

  • 05 July at 07:44 - by jlouiseprk - 1023 views


We have recently been left some inheritance money which was totally unexpected so are thinking of taking the risk of investing something that we were not expecting to have! But of course we would like to earn from it too so any help to get us started would be great!

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Finding out how to invest a windfall can be a challenge for any one and even for experiences investors, but now is a good time. Interest rates are rising and stocks in particular are a very good bet at the minute.

06 July at 19:02 - by TJSHall

Thank you. We hear what you are saying but still would not know where to start?

06 July at 22:34 - by  jlouiseprk

First step would be to have a realistic idea on how much risk you are willing to take. You need to balance reward against risk. Of course you want high returns to ensure you make money but you don’t want to take on too much risk that leaves you with loss.

07 July at 17:18 - by TJSHall

Again we see your point but could you point us in the direction of a company/product that would be good for us?

07 July at 18:58 - by  jlouiseprk

I think the key is deciding on a mix of stocks and bonds that will give you reasonable returns for the level of risk you are willing to take. There are many companies out there that will give you advice on a mix and how they have performed in the past.

08 July at 11:00 - by TJSHall

I agree on the mix of stocks and bonds but recommend you keep it simple. The best idea is to diversify so that you don’t over depend on just a few companies or sectors but at the same time you don’t want to spread your money so widely that it’s hard to keep track. A good example is to combine US and International stocks.

11 July at 14:26 - by rocky34

I am interested to see if you did anything @jlouiseprk?

01 August at 00:10 - by katie.jrobert

We did!  Guess what we invested in a house and a boat

02 August at 21:34 - by  jlouiseprk

Really?  That is so interesting because I find myself in the same situation which is why I am asking.  You dodn't go down the road of stocks and shares then?

03 August at 01:08 - by katie.jrobert

no we felt that since we don't have much money it would be a frivolous investing in that sort of thing when we could have a more guaranteed income with a property which we know will not onlly give us an income but also go up in value whilst its giving us that income

05 August at 16:49 - by  jlouiseprk

good point and what about the boat?

07 August at 06:15 - by katie.jrobert

my husband has always wanted one and it is only small but he sails about in it every weekend and with a boat you can also sell it for a profit or even if you don’t get much of a profit the way we have looked at is isthat you still get the enjoyment out of it or at least he does at any rate lol not me

09 August at 06:14 - by  jlouiseprk

sound advice.  I have just been reading another thread on here about yachts.  Same principle with small boats too I would imagine as long as you kept it in good order

12 August at 07:02 - by MartinSW

Yes exactly 

14 August at 22:33 - by katie.jrobert

I think its important to get some enjoyment out of an investment too tho don't you because stocks and share are so boring

15 August at 21:50 - by  jlouiseprk

I hear you!

19 August at 16:23 - by katie.jrobert

yes everything gets very serious doesn't it why people don't enjoy their invesmtnets a bit more I don't know

20 August at 00:37 - by MartinSW

yes but I think poor jlouiseprk would rather something more exciting than a boat, even though her husband wouldn't agree!

21 August at 02:55 - by katie.jrobert

you try telling him that!!

25 August at 03:49 - by  jlouiseprk
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