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Vegan Investing

  • 15 November at 07:21 - by Karl46 - 343 views


Plant-based or vegan investing has become a thing in the US, with firms such as Impossible Foods which is back by Bill Gates and Google, disrupting the market, does anyone have any previous with this topic?

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I am not currently invested but i think you bring a very good point to the table so to speak.  As technology is improving all the time and veganism is becoming a thing as you say i think it’s a good idea.

17 November at 17:00 - by titch272

Thank you.  Veganism is getting bigger and bigger due to the health benefits.  Does anyone have any advice as to the right firms to invest in? I thought if Bill Gates is an investor, I could do a lot worse!

18 November at 19:11 - by  Karl46

I am no FA, but I agree.  Sound topic and sound company, although they do use GM technology which may not be too popular.  You have the likes of Just etc but it depends whether you want just vegan, or non-animal meat (sorry the science totally baffles me).  I would ask your FA to diversify you.

20 November at 11:02 - by dewy55

I don’t agree with diversifying.  This is a new market so opt for the most secure.

23 November at 14:50 - by Mike.W

Research.  All the new(ish) companies have pros and cons so you are better off with the bigger ones in an emerging market.

25 November at 15:59 - by dewy55

Ok I thought that too

28 November at 00:41 - by  Karl46
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