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  • 24 May at 19:36 - by JayDee - 802 views


Is that a good idea to take a personal loan & invest in stock?

6 Answers’s always possible but never ever think about doing it. It is hard to say if it’s a good idea as the market conditions could be risky and fluctuating.

25 May at 07:00 - by alexpho

Stock market investments should NOT be done with loans. There is NO guarantees.

25 May at 18:40 - by judysscott

If you take my advice, don't do this, it's a basic rule : never take loan to invest. It’s the poorest thing you can do! Taking a loan and investing in stock market will put you in bankruptcy

27 May at 12:19 - by tomgoldrup57

Tomgoldrup57 I agree !

28 May at 17:34 - by judysscott

It’s possible but it’s not advised, you shouldn’t do this if you’re not an expert in stock market.

30 May at 04:52 - by mathiasfiedler43

I’m definitely not an expert in stocks! So I’m gonna listen to you guys. It’s not often that everybody agrees on a forum :)  I don’t want to lose everything!

01 June at 22:28 - by  JayDee
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