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Japanese Stock Markets

  • 14 November at 10:43 - by beckysimms - 3202 views


I am told it is the way forward to invest in Japanese Stocks and Shares as their payouts to shareholders are the best.  But it is a minefield and I have no idea where to start.

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It is certainly true that some overseas companies are more generous with their dividend payments than here but i am afraid i don’t have any further advice

14 November at 22:39 - by RRPH

Asia is the place to invest but you have to be careful

15 November at 14:24 - by titch272

I agree, unless you go with a reputable firm you will be up the creek

16 November at 17:09 - by andrew53

You need to know what you’re doing

17 November at 11:00 - by titch272

The law has recently changed in Japan and there is huge encouragements to pay dividends and you have to look at huge Japanese firms like Toyota and Honda I mean they have to be worth a punt as they have huge amounts of cash based on my research so as long as you go through a UK broker maybe in London, you should be fine.

17 November at 13:02 - by andrew53

Wow thank you

18 November at 07:44 - by  beckysimms

Fair play it is an interesting one

19 November at 14:00 - by titch272
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