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Apple is now establishing a beachhead into other areas: financial services, healthcare, self-driving car technology. I see the future of Apple looking more like a technology conglomerate instead of a maker and seller of iPhones.

For me it will be always a good investment!

26 July at 11:51 - by jonathan_wilson

I recommended Apple. Instead of trading on emotion, we drilled down and looked at the big picture. And I liked what I saw. Mr. Market had it all wrong. We added it to our portfolio on December 28, 2012, at $65.57 per share. Apple’s shares are now trading for $165.67 — a gain of 152%.

If you missed investing back then, Mr. Market is giving you a second chance. The late Mae West said, “Too much of a good thing can be wonderful.” And Apple is a company that we like to own a lot of.

27 July at 16:05 - by karl_kristian

I don’t have any idea where the stock market will go over the short-term. But I do know that if we keep buying stocks when we get them for bargain prices, we can’t help but make money.

28 July at 01:15 - by jonathan_wilson

Apple has been a rock. Fretting about the iPhone X price point can’t hide the fact that 30 million of these devices selling at a no-frills $999 still generates richer margins than twice as many lowly iPhone 8s.

Put both line items together and our profit forecast for 2018 has actually gone up since the new phones hit the stores. Normally a consumer electronics company moves in the other direction as markets get saturated and pricing gets soft. Don’t let anyone tell you Apple can’t squeeze more profit than ever out of every sale!

The secret here is that the phones are only the gateway into an ever-expanding ecosystem of subscription services, replacement parts, media sales and stealth add-ons we don’t even know about yet.

30 July at 09:28 - by mshaDa

considering that investors care a lot about growth, the Services business allowing Apple's overall business to jog in place if the iPhone declines isn't exactly the most attractive reason to go out and buy Apple stock.

01 August at 20:42 - by rebecca-mills62

I will take the risk, sound quiet good!

02 August at 00:39 - by  investingchoice

So guys, a year after discussing this, do with think Apple still has it?

04 August at 02:33 - by Francisrobinson

Hey!  Yes absoutely.  There was so much press about Apple being on the downturn but they continue to thrive.  Look at this:  the iphone 11, the iphone 11 PRO, the watch series 5, the new ipad, all on preorder today ironically and orders have gone through the roof just as expected.  

09 August at 02:26 - by mshaDa

welcome!  Completely agree.  You can't really go wrong at the moment.  I was lucky and bought in early, but the fact remains that whatever the press say, Apple goes from strength to strenght.  One of their keys is the fact that they diversify but still bring us the tech we know, understand and trust.

09 August at 11:11 - by karl_kristian

That's great to hear thanks all

09 August at 20:34 - by Francisrobinson

any investment is a risk, but you must calculate that risk

11 August at 16:54 - by karl_kristian
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