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Best investments you can make for yourself (Part 1)

If you are a beginner in the investing world, you may be easily paralysed by the number of possibilities the stock market offers. However, you should not let this keep you from succeeding. Read this article on ‘Best investments to make in 2018’ and improve your skills.

Investing is the new trend

‘Investing’ has become one of the most interesting topics in the United Kingdom. In fact, almost every businessman has this word on their lips and, apparently, there is a really good explanation for it: it is the right time. The time to invest has now come to show that, in this material world, investing can be the best ally to make those pounds count.

Last year was an amazing year for investors - and 2018 is starting very brightly. However, we should avoid falling into the error of being overly optimistic. It is the perfect time to invest, that’s for sure, but not every investment is worthy. Today we are going to name the best investments you can make for yourself so that you have the proper tools to feel confident, to be at ease and to invest wisely.

Where to invest when you are no expert

You finally have some extra money to invest but, unfortunately, you lack financial management and, most importantly, financial planning. Besides, there are so many options on the table that you cannot decide what to do or which to choose. These familiar symptoms are the root causes of a disease which many beginners have, called ‘paralysis by analysis’, and in the end it brings no good to your ultimate objective. And the last thing you want to do is nothing, don’t you?

So, if you want to take part in the investing world, this article will provide you with the essential basis to help you make worth of your money.

Note: if you want to make an investment but it is quite difficult for you to keep pace with accelerating market changes, do not think twice and play it safe. Pay attention to the investments we suggest in both this article and the following one to improve your investing skills and become a better investor. In this way you will not let your lack of experience stop you from making a good investment.

Investing in the stock market

That is right. One of the best investment that we advise you make is the stock market. We are aware that this turns out to be the most basic investment advice you can get but it does not make it the weakest one – just quite the contrary. That’s why we firmly recommend it.

We know what you may think: ‘investing in the stock market is such a waste of time’, ‘everybody invests there, why should I do such thing when I have no experience?’, ‘some advice! It is quite typical and a little bit old-fashioned’… the list is long and growing. Still, investing in the stock market is surely the first step a beginner should take. Why? Because, even if everybody says that investing in the stock market is the wisest option, nobody is doing that. And nobody is doing it because they find it terrifying. We are at market highs - and what they really want is to buy low and sell high. So, as a consequence, they simply don’t invest, which becomes kind of an advantage for us.

What you must keep in mind though is that you should not put all your money into the stock market all at one time. Even if you have thousands of pounds to invest and the stock market were at all-time low, that is not a smart thing to do. The smartest thing to do is to divide your money into small amounts and make different investments from time to time. This advice is based on the strategy ‘dollar cost averaging’, which you should really get familiar with as soon as possible.

How to invest in the stock market

Since you already know that it is still a good time to invest in the stock market, the very next thing you might be thinking about is which possibilities you have at your disposal to invest your money in the stock market. Among the different securities you may find to do so, the one we highly recommend to get started is mutual funds (and, more precisely, index funds). Once you get comfortable with the stock market, and understand the way it works, you may go for ETFs (exchange-traded funds). And that’s it, gain experience, make your investments and you enjoy the returns.

Keep reading

Naming the best investments you can make this year takes time, so we have decided to split this article into two parts. Therefore, if you liked this article on best investments and want to know the other 2 safe alternatives to the stock market, we encourage you to read ‘Best investments you can make for yourself Part 2’.

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