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Private Pension

  • 01 June at 05:34 - by brittapete - 987 views


I am thinking about starting a private pension but really don’t have much knowledge about it at all. Can anyone out there give me some advice please?? Thanks.

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My advice is to be very careful entering into this on your own.  You would be better to get some advice from a financial advisor first. It may cost you to get this advice but can save you money in the long run.

01 June at 12:28 - by karl_kristian

I think these days you have to be very wary and need expert advice so agree that you should get expert advice before you decide.  And of course make sure that you shop around for this advice and ask friends if they can share their experiences with you.

03 June at 17:09 - by Kath-Middleton

I have one through my bank and am very happy with it. They even have a special department in the bank that looks after this for you and they move around your fund to make more money for you. Nothing is guaranteed in life but I am happy with what they have made for me so far.

03 June at 18:36 - by karl_kristian

Banks ….. the way they are all corrupt today I don’t think they are such a good option buy hey each to their own! Good luck!!

05 June at 14:17 - by judysscott

Of course you need to be very careful these days but hey you can only get more than you will from your state pension these days!  My advice would be to shop around and of course look at the small print. Hope you get sorted.

05 June at 14:40 - by karl_kristian

Keep in mind, according to government statistics, average wages have risen about 61% over the past 18 years.

07 June at 00:49 - by Tyler-Jones53

It might seem difficult at times to save into a pension but in the end it’s well worth it.

07 June at 10:58 - by karl_kristian

Also diversify your investment to protect against tax changes, pension pot, property, some gold jewellery, antiques, a painting etc.. but only invest in what you understand, don't be conned into the many schemes, if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

09 June at 07:25 - by TJSHall
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